3rd International Eugenics Congress Logo

MU Libraries, University of Missouri. “International Eugenics Congresses.” Controlling Heredity: The American Eugenics Crusade: 1870-1940. ://library.missouri.edu/exhibits/eugenics/congresses.htm, 2011-03-07T17:00:20-05:00.

For more details, see the page for the illustration at the 2nd International Eugenics Congress.

Note particularly the new text "Like a tree eugenics draws its materials from many sources and gives them organic unity and purpose." This implies science and the world were, until their intervention, in disunity and without purpose.

This fits well in context with the history of tree diagrams. They were, until somewhat recently, imbued with transcendental or occasionally divine purpose, and their single trunk was indicative of unity. As the rug pulled out from under both of those concepts in the late 18th and 19th centuries, eugenics tried to provide what these trees had lost.