Akdag-Salah Wikipedia/UDC

Van den Heuvel, Charles, Almila Akdag Salah, and Knowledge Space Lab. “Visualizing Universes of Knowledge: Design and Visual Analysis of the UDC.” In Proceedings of the International UDC Seminar Classification and Ontology, Formal Approaches and Access to Knowledge, 283–94. The Hague, 19-20 September 2011.

Figure 5: Occurrences of Wikipedia Top-Category Keywords in UDC classes. Out of 43 Top Wikipedia Categories, all that is related to Arts and Sciences are depicted. KSL/Almila Akdag 2011 ©

In Figure 5, we see a set of columns for each term. The columns correspond to the UDC main classes in which the term appears. For example, if we inspect the term “Science”, we see that it occurs in all UDC classes, except class [7] (see Figure 4, inlet “Science”), hence we see eight columns. The length of each column indicates the frequency of the occurrence, and the shade of the color stands for the different sub-classes of UDC (i.e. each sub-class is given a different shade).