Customizing Atom

In the auto-complete-bibtex package, I changed the default result template from the markdown default @[key] to one that works with my current jekyll workflow, {% reference [key] %}, so now when entering, e.g., @striphas_algorithmic_2015, it turns into {% reference striphas_algorithmic_2015 %}, which of course becomes:

Striphas, Ted. “Algorithmic Culture.” European Journal of Cultural Studies 18, no. 4-5 (August 2015): 395–412. doi:10.1177/1367549415577392.

I also customized the functionality of the markdown-writer package, specifically changing these settings:

  • File Extension: .md
  • New post filename: {slug}{extension}
  • Site engine: jekyll
  • Site images directory: ../images/
  • Site posts directory: _note\
  • Site url:
  • URLs to JSON definitions: public\categories.json, public\posts.json, public\tags.json
    • NOTE: this required new liquid-generated json files similar to those described here. For some reason the tags.json file didn't work as-is, so I adopted Jason Heppler's code to generate the tags page to make it work. My implementation kludgy, but functional. I did the same thing for categories.json, but because I use "Genre" instead of "category", I replicated the process used for tags.json.
  • changed the atom config file for custom front matter YAML: frontMatter: '''\n---\nlayout: reading\ntitle: <title>\ngenre: Readings\n---\n'''

Oh! And I learned a new liquid tag markup command while writing this post. {% raw %}

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